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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone technology system that runs over the internet instead of traditional phone lines.  VoIP sends digital signals over your existing internet connection, entirely bypassing the phone company. This cisco7940characteristic is one of the main benefits of VoIP, because it greatly lowers the cost of your phCisco 7940 IP Phoneone system. With VoIP you can not only make local and national calls, but it also allows you to make international calls for pennies.

There are many VoIP systems available in the market today. VoIP systems include all of the standard features of normal phone systems, but also bring new capabilities. These capabilities can include: an automated attendant, music on hold, conferencing, and many more.

VoIP phones look and work like regular phones.  They come with digital displays, and the interfaces are very intuitive.  Your employees will have no problem transitioning to your new VoIP system.

Your long time customers will not be able to hear a difference between your new VoIP systems and your old standard phone system. The technology that makes VoIP possible is now at a level that makes its sound quality on par or better than traditional phone systems. With VoIP you receive the same standard features, new advanced features, and far greater control, all while paying far less than for a traditional system.

PSC has worked with VoIP since it first appeared on the market.  Many of our clients are experiencing the benefits of VoIP, while successfully conducting business, due to the complete installation and support that we provide.  There are many different ways of implementing a VoIP system for your business.  Please contact us if you would like a consultation on the options that you have.

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